All Stars -- Early Years
Eureka Springs All Star Kazoo
& Free Form Marching Band
First lit out in 1996
According to originator Parade Marshal Joe Easton, the Eureka Springs All Star Kazoo and Free Form Marching Band has no leader, has no Agenda, has no officers or members --- but it is consistent.  It began with headquarters at Chelsea's and each year has stepped out on St. Pat's Day March 17.  When the more formally organized parade would roll on a weekend before March 17, the Kazooers steadfastly honored only March 17.  A compromise was finally reached some years past to always hold the rolling parade on March 17 also.  Showing that some things some times can be negotiated and compromised.
Another abiding Rule for the Kazooers is that the parade is not finished until they make a Slow Bar Crawl back to Chelsea's beginning at the Pied Piper --- and its not over til they're Done havin' Fun!
Besides toot-ing their Kazoos -- they wave their Fags proudly.
The following two pages of photos are from Joe Easton's collection which also shows parts of the St. Paddy Parades through the years.

Below photo shows Chelsea's before they added the Roof.

Got NO Talent?
Then you are a perfect candidate to join "The Eureka Springs All Star Kazoo And Free Form Marching Band" in this year's St. Patrick's Day parade and traditional BAR CRAWL. Even if you DO have talent you are still invited.
Don't let the Free Form Marching part scare you off. Our definition of marching is a group of people heading in approximately the same direction at about the same time.
This will be our 12th year doing the parade and bar crawl. Next year will be our 14th.

     "So here is the deal," says Joe Easton, "The band has no leader, no organization, no membership, no meetings, no rehersals, no rules, no commitments and we are pretty sure that by this time we have paid our dues. They (who are they anyhow?) keep trying to make me responsible, but uh uh, no way nohow, nyet, nein, non, and I didn't sign up for this, no matter what Kaptian Dan trys to tell ya."
     All one has to do is show up at Chelsea's any time before two o'clock with your kazoo, if you have one, and if'n ya don't have one then kazoos will be provide free, as always (if one so desires one may bring some other type of musical noisemaker that is convenient to carry or roll, or drag, etc.) . . .  Of course you can show up earlier, the earlier the better cause ya get to quaff more Guiness on Tap and Bushmill's, Jameson's, or whatever your choice in preparation for the freeform marching part . . .  Around 10 or 15 minutes AFTER the parade starts, we then meander up the stairs from Chelsea's to Pendergrass Corner and stand around in a disorganized way, waving flags, practicing our kazoos, and generally making a nuisance of ourselves until the parade gets to us, whereupon we gently and gracefully barge in to the order of march somewhere, thus integrating or interfering ourselves with the parade.
     This may or may not be a good time to interject that EveryOne can play the kazoo. If in doubt your first and only lesson will be given at Chelsea's before we commence parading.  It takes about 1.7 seconds to learn to play.

Back to the parade.
     After we stagger down Spring St, and Main St. to the Cathouse, the Fun part begins. The Bar Crawl from the Cathouse to Chelsea's or as Kaptian Dan puts it; "From C To Shining C."  Now we make the attempt to hit every bar on our return.  Usually about half way, the band is so fractured that only the hardy and hard core make it back all the way to Chelsea's.
     When and if you do make it back to Chelsea's the afternoon entertainment is by Eureka Springs own Celtic Folk band "The Skinny Gypsys". It is a Gypsy's reunion the likes of which we may seldom or ever see again. Music in the evening will be by the Ariels.
     There is no RULE that says you have to wear green, though it is encouraged.
     Suggestions and recommendations for improvement will be considered and rapidly discarded.  I reiterate. There is no one in charge to approve or disapprove changes, so just do it you so desire.

Hope we again get a cast of hundreds.
Joe Easton, Self Proclaimed Kazoo Meister

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